Nitrobot's new platform:

In October 2019, the new version of the Nitrobot platform was introduced.

The main purpose of the new platform is to add all the world's leading features to a comprehensive and complete platform, to facilitate the activities of users and website managers, as well as to increase information security by centralizing communication methods with users and representatives through the platform.


  • Payment Management:

Adding new payment methods to the new platform has become easier and faster than before. You can manage payment methods and change them at any time.

On the Nitrobot platform, in addition to the world's leading gateways such as Perfect Money and Bitcoin, you can use secure payment methods provided by Nitrobot, such as Upload Matrix, Cartipay and Cartipal methods.

One of the most popular features of the methods provided by Nitrobot are smart robots. These robots automatically perform all banking operations in Cartipay and Cartipal systems, such as transferring money, paying instantly, and transferring money from your received account to a secure account.


  • Casino Games Management:

 With the Casino Games Management section of the new platform, you can create a list of favorite games, change the priority and order of popular games to make them available to users.

 It is also possible to specify new games and introduce them. In this way, users will be introduced to new games


  • Accessibility and information management:

In Gambling industry, information is everything.

Safety of your information is the most important thing. You can manage all your employees’ accessibilities very easily at any time.


  • Ticketing system:

 The new platform provides all the methods needed to communicate with users through the admin panel.

Support staff can communicate with users through their admin panel access, view and respond to users' tickets and messages, and manage all requests.

The purpose of adding this feature is to protect information. Through this feature, Nitrobet's business partners no longer need to use the services of other companies.

All information is stored on our servers and will always be available to the management team and site support.


  • Telegram bots:

 You can manage your Telegram bots through the Nitrobot platform.

Users will not need to access the site to send messages to you, and they can easily communicate with you via mobile and Telegram application.


  • Domains Management:

In the new platform, it has become very easy to manage and pay for domains.

 With this feature, you can add your previous domains from your admin panel or buy a new domain.

Before the expiration of the registered period, you can select to pay automatically using this feature and you will never lose your domain.

November 05 , 2019